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Housekeeping... - CausticQuery?
The Alter-ego.
Just a quick entry :)

Welcome to anyone who has friended this LJ 'recently' and apologies to both you and all my old friends for the total lack of postage over the last year. The comp died, never to recover, and as such, the desire to do anything fled along with the literal thousands of words and pics I lost. I am however still in fandom.

To that end, I have carried out a little maintenance here.

All links to my music vids have been removed as, with the exception of How to Save a Life on YouTube, they no longer work. If people would like to see them, the best option is probably a file transfer via Yahell! (Yahoo messenger). Ping/leave a message for Username: Cazthecoot and we'll sort something out.

Note: This means the links over at ncis_gibbsducky no longer work either.

The other things that have gone are the photo manips which have sadly been lost forever and I doubt I will have the heart to recreate them as they took hours the first time. This does not mean however that I will not at some point possibly attempt some new manips if the mood strikes.

I have no new completed fics. I have no new completed anythings in actual fact. I do however have a desire to start creating again but until that happens will update here with the few snippets and WiP that I managed to save. Watch this space.


Current Mood: creative creative

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nakeisha From: nakeisha Date: April 13th, 2008 09:20 am (UTC) (Link)
*Hugs Caz*

I knew this, but it's still horrible for you.

*Hugs you again*

Bloody computers.

But you're okay, and D and E and you're here and that it what matters in the grand scheme of things, hon.

I've got your songvids and I'm sure some of your manips at least (I tend to save anything nice) - if that's of any help to you.

*Am watching space*
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